Located in Middlesex County, Ria Mar has been serving traditional Portuguese cuisine with a modern twist, unforgettable flavor, and friendly atmosphere for over 20 years.

Today’s Specials

  • 1. Filet Mignon Kebob - Espetada de Filet Mignon
  • 2. Grilled Snapper with Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms - Pargo Grelhado com Pimentos, Cebola e Cogumelos
  • 3. Grilled Squid with Green Sauce - Lulas Grelhadas com Molho Verde
  • 4. Grilled Beef Short Ribs - Costela de Vaca Grelhado
  • 5. Rooster with Rice - Arroz de Galo Cabidela
  • 6. Boiled Mixed Meats - Cozido a Portuguesa
  • 7. Soup of the Day - Green “Kale” / Sopa do Dia - Caldo Verde
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Let’s make a date

We want you to have the best dining experience possible when you visit. Although we always try our best to see our guests as quickly as possible, we highly recommend you schedule reservations to avoid long waits or unavailability. Especially on weekends or special holidays!

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We’re Local

Small map of South River highlighting restaurant location.

Located in South River, NJ, we are easily accessible by most major roads, including Rt. 18.

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